Upload and Explore Your Images

Collect your embryonic expression images in one place. Create Image Groups to organize them.

Annotate Expression Patterns

Add genetic, expression, and anatomical data to your images.

Generate Digital Representations

Create desired expression profiles from images automatically or manually.

Create Genome-wide Expression Maps (GEMs)

Select desired images and create GEMs as overall summaries of spatial profiles. Colors are displayed as heat maps, with darker areas representing more expression.

Search Your Patterns

Search within your GEMs (dark blue) to find co-expressed genes. FlyExpress image collections can also be searched, straight from your desktop.

Store Your Files

Easily store, sort, view, and organize your images in a central location. Keep groups of embryo images together for later analysis through the use of nameable Image Groups.

Analyze Your Data

Use our set of scientific tools in order to analyze your fly embryos, extract expression patterns, and create genome-scale summaries of spatiotemporal expression patterns (GEMs).

Upload To FlyExpress

Once your images are standardized and the expression patterns are extracted, you can upload your results to FlyExpress. Coming soon!

About myFX

We have developed biologist-centric software that contains computational methods to automatically process and analyze images depicting embryonic gene expression in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. It facilitates creating digital descriptions of spatial patterns in images and enables measurements of pattern similarity and visualization of expression across genes and developmental stages. It is closely linked with our FlyExpress resource, allowing users to search thousands of existing patterns to find co-expressed genes by image comparison.

The myFX User's Guide is located in the installation directory of myFX as well as on this website. It contains useful information on how to use all the features myFX has to offer, as well as examples. myFX does need an Internet connection for some features (such as searching FlyExpress for co-expressed genes and sending bug reports). The User's Guide, the Watch Directory, and the Processed Directory can be accessed via the top menu bar.

The myFX team is directed by Sudhir Kumar and consists of an application programmer (Ivan Montiel), developmental biologists (Charlotte Konikoff and Mary Packard), computer scientists (Jipeing Ye and Qian Sun), and technical associates (Bremen Braun and Adam Orr).

Download myFX »

Citing this Resource

Montiel I, Konikoff C, Braun B, Packard M, Gramates SL, Sun Q, Ye J & Kumar S (2014) myFX: Turn-key software for laboratory desktops to analyze spatial patterns of gene expression in Drosophila embryos. Bioinformatics. (In press)

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