Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a license to use myFX?

No, myFX is provided free of charge for research and educational purposes. However, it is not permissible to redistribute myFX in any form. We require that all users download their own copy of myFX from our website directly. myFX is protected by all applicable copyright laws.

I am not a member of an educational institution. May I still use myFX?

Yes, myFX is provided free of charge for commercial institutions as well.

I have comments or suggestions on how to improve myFX. How can I contact the authors?

We appreciate all forms of user suggestions and feedback. Please use the Feedback Form on the FlyExpress website.

I discovered a bug in myFX. What should I do?

Please report the bug through our Report A Bug page. User-submitted bug reports are invaluable to the myFX development team. Due to limited resources, you may not receive a reply to your bug report immediately, but we can assure you that each bug report will be addressed and responded to as soon as possible.

What are the system requirements for myFX?

Microsoft Windows (XP, 7) and Mac OS X version 10.6+ are supported. We currently do not support Linux. See the Download page for additional requirements.

How do I cite myFX?

To cite myFX in a publication see the Citing This Resource section on the About myFX page.