About FlyExpress

FlyExpress currently contains 100,000+ images of expression from nearly 5,000 genes derived from two high-throughput in situ hybridization studies (Tomancak et al. 2002 and Lécuyer et al. 2008), and >30,000 images extracted and curated from peer-reviewed publications. The FlyExpress project is directed by Drs. Sudhir Kumar and Rob Kulathinal (Temple University), with Drs. Jieping Ye (U of Michigan), Stuart Newfeld, S. Panchanathan, and Tim Karr serving as co-investigators (Arizona State). Researchers Qian Sun and Lei Yuan are conducting developmental and computational biology research. Maxwell Sanderford (database analyst), Bremen Braun (web and application development) and Roman Fuentes (servers), comprise the FlyExpress technology team.

In the past, FlyExpress project has been served by many researchers (Ana Marti-Subirana, Jianhui Chen, Antonio Marco, Madhusudan Gargesha, Karthik Jayaraman, Raji Gurunathan, Bindu Koshy, Shuiwang Ji, Charlotte Konikoff) and technologists (Hector Ramos, Christopher Busick, Kailah Davis, Bernard Van Emden, Graziela Valente, Ashly Ruttman, Adithya Rajan, Jana McAlpin, Linwei Wu, Wayne Parkhurst, Michael McCutchan, Jason Wulf, Ivan Montiel). They all made many major technical and biological contributions in the development of FlyExpress.


We would also like to thank members of the Drosophila community for their continuous encouragement and feedback. In particular, support from the BDGP (Gerry Rubin, Susan Celniker, Pavel Tomancak, Erwin Frise), Fly-FISH (Henry Krause, Eric Lécuyer), FlyBase (Bill Gelbart, Thomas Kaufmann), and The Interactive Fly (Thomas Brody) resources has been critical for the establishment and growth of FlyExpress.